More about my work

Let me stress here, I am an independent freelance writer offering my years of knowledge and experience in business management subjects to the students. I specifically provide help in essays, assignments and dissertations in business management subjects such as marketing, human resources and majority of similar subjects taught in business management bachelor’s and master’s programs in the universities. Since my customers are the students, which I was at one point of time, I clearly understand your difficulties and concerns.

This website serves as an information portal and I do not conduct any payment processing through the site. The price of essay, or assignment or dissertation is available in the main page. There is also a link/form for contacting me and giving more details about the essay or assignment. The way I work is as follows.

You pay half to confirm essay, balance paid after reviewing 80% work

  1. You contact me for your essay, or assignment or dissertation, indicating all the relevant and required information such as the essay criteria, the handbook given by the universities, lecture materials and so on.
  2. I will review all the required and relevant information about the essay and assignment and offer you the price and the time required for completing the essay or assignment.
  3. You can confirm the essay, assignment or dissertation by making half the price as advance.
  4. I will start the work and complete it in the agreed timeframe and sent you 80% of the work for your review.
  5. Once you review the work and satisfied, you can make the balance payment and get the full essay or assignment. You can also suggest and indicate any changes, corrections and revisions required, while you make the balance payment and I will do so and then send you the completed report.
  6. Even after making the complete payment, you can ask for small revisions and corrections which I would make gladly.