Pay half to confirm essay, balance after reviewing 80% work

  1. You contact me for your essay, or assignment or dissertation, indicating all the relevant and required information such as the essay criteria, the handbook given by the universities, lecture materials and so on.
  2. I will review all the required and relevant information about the essay and assignment and offer you the price and the time required for completing the essay or assignment.
  3. You can confirm the essay, assignment or dissertation by making half the price as advance.
  4. I will start the work and complete it in the agreed timeframe and sent you 80% of the work for your review.
  5. Once you review the work and satisfied, you can make the balance payment and get the full essay or assignment. You can also suggest and indicate any changes, corrections and revisions required, while you make the balance payment and I will do so and then send you the completed report.
  6. Even after making the complete payment, you can ask for small revisions and corrections which I would make gladly.

In essence, the risk is shared between us, as you are not making a complete payment for the entire report in advance as done by the assignment writing companies you see on the Internet. You can review 80% of the completed work before you make the full payment. The confirmation payment is required as it is an indication of seriousness by the students. I have found that some students, after verbally confirming to start the work, often back of or put off the work to a subsequent date. Moreover the confirmation payment is an indication for me to start the work or actually plan it for completion. Hence I only start the work after getting the confirmation payment which I take as the intent of the student to get help in assignments and essays.

More on essay prices and completion times

Many students also ask me about the prices and the completion time required. Let me clarify my position on prices and completion times. Since I am an independent freelance writer, I am the sole person working on all reports, essays, assignments and dissertations. I have certain “capacity limitation” in business parlance. I cannot take hundreds and hundreds of work from the students. I can only work on one essay or assignment at a time. I usually take one essay or assignment, complete it and then move to the subsequent. Hence I need to plan my work depending upon the timeframe given by the students.

When a student comes to me, with a two month time frame, the price is usually as indicated in the website. However if it is a very short duration like two weeks or less, I have to accommodate that work in my existing schedule. I usually plan my activities on a weekly basis as I will normally have enough work for about one week. Hence if a student wants an essay or assignment in a short period, the price would naturally be higher as it is simply a case of demand and supply.

The delivery periods indicated are merely for planning purposes. I ask for a two-week time period for a 3000 word assignment or essay. This is not to say that I take entire two weeks or 14 days to complete one 3000 word assignment. I usually work on one essay or assignment for a couple of days to complete it from start to finish. However this “couple of days” would only be after one week or 10 days, after you have confirmed the report by making a confirmation payment, as in the meantime I have to complete other reports which have been confirmed previously. Hence, the need for a two-week period to complete an essay or assignment.