About me

My name is Thomas and I’m a freelance writer of essays and assignments in business management subjects. I specialise in coursework of business management students at bachelor’s and master’s levels. I started my writing career about six years ago, while I was studying at university for a Master’s in business Administration (MBA). I had joined a Masters programme in a reputed university after gaining a few years work experience in different companies, in the marketing. Among my colleagues at the University, I was different due to my past work experience and during this period, many poorly performing and weak students approached me for advice and then to get help in their essays and assignments. This was the start.

Towards the end of the MBA program, I was very actively “helping students in their assignments and essays”, needless to say, I identified an opportunity there. While many of my colleagues at the University were working part-time in different jobs to sustain themselves, I left a similar job I had and started actively helping students with their business management essays and assignments. No need to point out, I charge a certain price and this proved better than a hopeless part-time work as a cashier or anything else during my studies. My reputation spread beyond my own University as many international students, who particularly approached me for getting help in assignments and essays spread the word around. Students from other universities started contacting me for help for their assignments, essays and even dissertations and thesis.

Evolution to a professional freelance essay writing help

After completing the MBA program, I entered the phase of job hunting, but I could not stop the help I gave to students for the essays, assignments and dissertations and this kept me going for quite some time. The period I completed my MBA program were the heights of recession. Even though there were quite a few interviews and I got selected in some, I was not happy with the companies, the position, and particularly the pay packages. I kept on looking for a better paying offer as I was able to more than sustain myself with the money I gained from helping students with their essays and assignments.

For a long period this phase of job hunting and helping business management students continued, and during this time I got an opportunity to work in a college as a lecturer in marketing and human resources. It was a part-time opportunity and hence I was able to continue my work of helping students in assignments and essays. This was the phase when I actually and seriously considered making this my profession (freelance essay writing help for business management MBA students) and with the help of a very good friend, I started a website.

Now as a freelance assignment and essay writer

If you’re reading this, you are in my site (www.assignmentwriters.com) and do visit the other sections of this website to know more about me and my work. Even now a majority of the work are through referrals, mainly from students satisfied with my help. Since I only focused on business management assignments and essays, I am able to provide quality essays and assignments.

The website is handy as it provides all details in various sections and am also able to attract more students, particularly international students who were searching the Internet for help in assignments, essays, dissertations and thesis is in business management subjects. I have noticed many international students in the United States are particularly weak in constructing essays and assignments due to their weakness in English language. Some students are not able to fully understand the criteria of assignments and essays and hence unable to provide relevant material in the essay and assignments. Many students often do not have time at their disposal to complete their course work and hence buy essays, assignments and dissertations, and hence my freelance essay writing help for MBA and business management subjects