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Business performance
British Airways

Porter five forces
Boston Matrix Model
PESTLE of British airways

Executive summary:
This report is an examination and analysis of British airways. It will also investigate and briefly analysis of the success on attending to customer needs and industry services by manager. By the success of British airways some writers gave some views on it that if you want to find the future global model of airlines then you can be say, the British airways is that model. (Pincavage J analyst at Paine Webber). Success has been built on attending to customer needs; managers of service industries everywhere can draw lessons from the British Airways story. Below we will see the BA main strategic thrusts and initiatives in last 2-3 years in main fields like as business configuration, products, services and customer relations.
British airway is the UK’s owned airway but it is still facing problems. It is still looking for a bright future. But 2-3 years ago it has their share in underperforms. If we see the last 10 years data which show that company’s profits fall down by more than 50% in these years. There years ago company manufacturer a £75m profit from their original investment. Its sales show that company has no economy.

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• Boeing issue thrust over last 2-3 years:
A delta airline 777-200ER was crashed in November last year and after that brutish airways crashed on Jan 17, 2008 as the 777-200ER with 152 passengers and crew members. The reason behind of both these was engines failed to respond to autopilot commands for thrust as the plane approached the airport.

Comments on British airway service.
• Rolls Royce engines
• RR engines kill less people pro rata than GE do

Business alignment
Business alignment plays a very important role in the CRM (customer relationship management). But to achieve the business alignment is very hard for every company. Before 2-3 years passengers were not satisfy with the service of British airways. The passengers gave the videotape comments and also critism in space age boots set up near entrance ramps but LANs.
Only a few months ago it seemed that British Airways was heading for better times.

Initiatives of British airways in last 2-3 years in the fields of business alignment, customer relations and products and services
A British airway is using many latest technologies to improve their services in every field. It is also using the latest variable speed cut technology to cut energy consumption by up to 95 % on air handling and environment control system which is installed flight simulator. It flight training centre in Heathrow airport. It is manufactured by perker Hannifin. It is having 18 simulator cells which help to cut energy cells and overall maintenance.

Assignment Writing service for business and management subjects
Assignment writer UK. Assignment, essay and dissertation writing service for Business and management students

This report is an exploration and an analysis of British Airways. It will investigate and analysis briefly on the financial variables of the company in 2007 in comparison with 2006 based mainly on the data from the Annual report and from the public documents. The first section gives an introduction to the company along with a brief history and an outline of the annual reports of the company. The complete Balance sheet and Income statement of the company is also shown. The major highlights of 2007is also explained. The major portion of this report and its main objective i.e. the analysis of the financial data in detail is given next. Finally there is the Impact of current events on the company and certain informed future predictions.

                                   Introduction of the company.

British Airways is a leading global airway to the world. This is U.K’s own Airline. British Airways provides technology-based, highly engineered service to all over world’s passenger. It has two other airlines BOAC (British overseas airways corporation and BEA (British European Airways).Its fleet was only 18 aircrafts and it had 250 employees .British Airways are a major cargo airline and the British Airways World Cargo is one of the leading cargo airlines. The airport of Honslow was the home of the airline.

Background of the company
British Airways history starts in late 10s, although it has its current name and structure since 1976. It was in 1919 when the first British airline was established, the Aircraft Transport and Travel. The first scheduled flight was done in August 25th 1919 and its route was Le Bourget – Honslow. Later, a route to Brisbane, Australia was added, performed with the co-operation of Qantas. Its duration was 12 days! New planes were added, like the Short S.23 C-class and the new airline was growing, together with a new carrier, the British Airways Limited, until the beginning of the Second World War I. These two airlines merged and created the British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC). After the World War II, BOAC restarted its flights to most trans-atlantic routes. In the early 60’s it was time for BOAV to order the 707-436 with the Rolls-Royce Conway engines, until the first VC-10 from Vickers were ready for flights. By 1970, the company had received the first Boeing 747 and the growth was rapid. In 1967, a committee with Sir Ronald Edwards as president suggested that BOAC and BEA should create a united airline. British ways World Cargo is one of the leading cargo airlines.

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Business performance – British Airways
Ownership of Heathrow airport is a distinctive strategic advantage for BA. (Reading C, 2004, p71). British airways mainly operate its flights from Heathrow and have centered all its operations on this airport. Heathrow airport is owned and also operates six airports in UK. Heathrow airport is world’s third busiest airport for passenger traffic. This can be said as the “hub” business model (Caperer J N,2008,p153) which is enormously helping BA. It became a largest free standing structure of Britain after the opening of main building complex it was designed to handle 35 million passengers. A building for third new runway start in November 2007. It was approved by government minister by up in 15th January
Competitive analysis
In the fiscal year ended in March, British Airways’ profits were the highest in the industry at $284 million on revenues of $7 billion — though earnings have since turned down as BA absorbed the costs of a merger with British Caledonian. The carrier excels by other important benchmarks. The average revenue per passenger, $266, is among the industries highest. Its load factors are lofty as well.
Porter five forces on British airways
Michael Porter’s Five Force Model:
Michael Porter described a model with five forces where a company’s performance and situation can be justified. According to him there are five forces
1) Threat of Substitutes/Products
2) Level of Competition
3) Power of Buyers
4) Power of Suppliers
5) Threat of Entry

Threat of Substitutes/Products
A British airway is the most popular airways from all airways of UK because it provides good services to their customer. A British airway is presented some improvements in their facilities which including sleeper seats and also trying to attract the business travellers at the expenditure of economy class customers The airline offered improved amenities, including sleeper seats, in an attempt to lure business travellers at the expenditure of economy class customers. As we see that company is having a big thrust of fuel system. This the big substitute thrust of company.

Level of competition
British airways are still facing of problems. This time is very fast and every company want to grow their market so the level of competition is very high. British airways is also facing problem because of this global market.
Power of buyers
Buyers are better served by companies pursuing rather than suppliers. If companies managed it well then they can improved more their product on allowing them. In the case of British airway buyers more can play big role in its current situation so company is trying to increase their business. It is merging with the world’s airlines and also improving their market condition.

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Power of Suppliers
In present time we can say that British airway is having a good grip on the UK airline market and also on the suppliers. There are so many reasons behind it and it is trying to well maintain their relations with the suppliers.

Threat of Entry
A British airway is trying to improve their services for their customers but it is not successful to achieve their targets. There are so many examples which show that company failed to achieve their target. March 29 2008 travelers were waiting on Heathrow airport and they announced about the flight cancelation just after the days of state of art building opened for the business. Heathrow hassle was continued for third day

Boston matrix
Boston model is also known as BCG. This model bases on market share and market growth rate. This model is the analysis of the global market of any organisation. With the help of this model we can easily find out the company’s growth of rate and also the share market situation. This model is having four compositions in the matrix form. These are Dog Star, cash cows and question marks

British airways is recently shows their sale. Their sales are increased over the years because it gave the some discount on their flights and change some plans in the favor of customers. By this company is market condition improved and it shared up. This is the part of cash cows. But the previous data shows that company is still facing problems in the market. There are also other airlines which are doing completion with the British airways. In last five years company’s market growth was down 40% as compare the recent years. The two major airlines YET airways and virgin airways is still doing competition with the British airways so these issues taken in Boston matrix’s cash cows. The yet airline reduced their flights price so there is no chance for British airway to get profit in sales as compare the yet airway or virgin airway.
Air France is also very popular airway. The data of both airways last five years shows the big difference. France airway is good condition as compare British airways. It is having 25 prices to earning ration as the British airways are 14. It may be the slow market growth of British airways and customer is jumping.

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Business performance over the last 2-3 years in profit terms

Sources Uses
2007    2006        2007    2006
£m  £m      £m  £m

Equity 2559 1894 Fixed Assets 9605 8632

Debt 4712 5380 Stock 109 74
Debtors 676 654
Total Current Assets 11769 12064

        Trade Creditors 1233    1292
        Total Current Liabilities   4498    4790

Capital Employed 7274 7274 Total Assets –Current Liabilities 7271 7274


Description All figures in Million Pounds Sterling except wherever stated
2007 2006
Trading Profit 883 611
Operating Profit 875 602
Cost of Sales 7878 7890
Current Assets 2164 3432
Fixed (Non current) Assets 9605 8632
Total Assets 11769 12064
Current Liabilities 4498 4790
Non-Current Liabilities 2773 5380
Total Liabilities 7271 10170
Inventories (Stock) 109 74
Debt 2773 5380
Equity 2559 1894
Profit after tax 694 304

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                                                    2007 Highlights

• £8753m
• Company revenue for 2007/08 was £8,753 million, compared with £8,492 million in the previous year.
• £883m
• Company profit before tax for 2007/08 was £883 million, compared with £611 million in the previous year.
• £875m
Ratio Computations
Ratio 2006 2007 B/w
Operating profit/T.A less C.L 602
/7274 8.3% 875
/7271 12% B
Operating profit/sales 602
/8492 7.1% 875
/8753 9.9% B
Sales/T.A less C.L 8492
/7274 1.17times 8753
/7271 1.20times B
Sales/ Fixed assets 8492
/8632 9.8times 8753
/9605 9.1times W
/ C.O.S 74
/7890 3d 109365
/7878 5d B
/sales 654365
/8492 28d 676
/8753 28d B
C.O.S 1292
59d 1233*365
/7878 57d W
C.liabilities 3432/4790
/4498 48.11%

C.Liabilities 3432-74/4790 70.10% 2164-109/4498 45.68% W

This data explain that company is having good financial market in 2007 as compare the previous year’s 2007 and give the brief summary on the Company’s current market condition in operating profit, sales and exchange rate etc. So this report shows that company is going through a good condition in future.

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                              Current situation of company

British Airways has today announced its intention to contract with the following three catering service suppliers at its UK airports for the next ten years. Current supplier Gate Gourmet will continue to provide catering services for long haul flights from Heathrow. DHL in association with Northern Foods will provide catering services for short haul flights from Heathrow. The current supplier at London Gatwick airport, Alpha Flight, will continue to provide catering services for flights from London Gatwick and our other airports across UK and Ireland. The new10 year contracts will be effective from 1 April 2010. Simon Soni, GM Catering Operations at British Airways, said: “British Airways is proud to set the benchmark for high quality airline food. The new supply arrangements will make certain our customers continue to receive a great in-flight service, whilst ensuring we have extra flexibility to meet our changing business needs”. The three catering suppliers will provide up to 100,000 meals a day from Heathrow and Gatwick airports.

A PESTLE analyzed of British airways
• Political situation of the company
British airways were merged with the two state airlines BOAC and BEA. It took successfully worked for many years. Until 2008 it was the largest airline of up measured by passenger. British airway is also listed on the London stock exchange. The current news about the company is that company is going through the good market condition. A British airway is the UK’s owned airway. The government of up gives it proper support to company and it is having a good political support. With the help of political support this airline is improving their service and more concentrate on the customer satisfaction.

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• Economical factors
For any business economic factors affects its market strategy and other fields of business. If any company is economically strong then they can easy get success in the global market. So the economic factors is also plays a major role in the company success. About British airways it is having a good economical tool in the airline market.
• External effects
In 2008 company warned that external economical factors are influenced on its economic strategy.
Company raised its fares because of cost of fuel. So this kind of external effects influence on British airways economic condition. BA head of investor said that citing higher petrol costs and utility bills as factors. All these factors play a major role in any economic situation of any organization.
Social factors impact on company:
This analyiszed is showing that social factors having a great influence on British airways. Social factors gave demographic matched with increasing prosperity. Air carries is greatly increasing and number of passengers are using this service.
• External effect
The global communication is going fast so the external affects on also British airways social factors.
Social factors really influencd on the company market condition
Technology factor:
The factor which influences any organization is the technology factor. Technology is having a big part of any organization. Advance technology factors influence on company’s all over strategy lie financial condition, market condition etc. from last five years record show that British airway is having an advance technology so by this company’s growth has increased. the aerostatic-BAC Concorde aircraft was a turbojet-powered supersonic [passenger airliner a supersonic transport (SST)
• External effects
Concorde aircraft was really effect the British airways services and it was easy to reach in less than half time by the way of record speeds to new York and Washington dulls. This new technology really affects the British airways service. It also set many other records like financial and official FAI.

Legal factors
Legal factors are the major part of any organization. All companies depend on it. Legal factor is the backbone of the company. Legal factors are the very responsible duty on the any organization. About British airway it is very important that how the company the company’s legal and government affairs are worked. The Heathrow’s third on going runway is the big example of British airways good legal condition. This building started on the advising of the British airways long running prospective with the merger of Iberia.
• External effects
Bargaining power over legal services relay affects its situation about in house council. Results show that they are enjoying in the period of recession time. Maria ad cunha says that all these thing sows that British airways legal services are going on day by day in regulatory issues, specific legal assistance and small litigation matters.
Environmental factor
Everyone gives different views about these factors. If company having a good environment with their customer and staff than it will get best results in near future. The last five years record shows that a british airway was not the good relationship with their customers. But as time passed company improved their service and now customer and employee both are satisfy with the services of it.
• External effects
British airways faced problem in their past years. There were so many reasons behind it. The big reason was the lack of good communication with the customer and staff. But now company improved so many services.

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(Delfmann W,Baum H, Auerbach S, Albers S, 2005, p61)

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